March 1st, 2013

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I was hopeful when I did more research on my external hard drive (a WD passport) and found that the "This folder is empty" problem was reasonably common. My Da and I confirmed that the hard drive itself is fine when it worked well on his machine.

Just had the time now--after a long meeting with the senior youth and then dinner with my parents--to sit down with my laptop and the WD passport. Tried a cmd command I found online that everyone said worked and lo'n'behold, it did! I can now access the files on my hard drive.

So at least I have back-up. Now the virus on my desktop is only an annoyance; I won't really lose anything if I can't boot up off a mem-stick and get things off it (though I don't see why that wouldn't work). Wiping it clean will be no big deal either. I'd intended to at some point anyway, in fact, given that it's my brother's old computer and there's still some stuff left over from him.

All I can say is PHEWWWWWW.

The meeting today went well, too. Working with the senior youth on their service for Sunday. I feel bad for how involved I was, but at the moment we don't have anyone in specific youth leadership positions to take it over. Hopefully Sunday will go all right! I've got to print something tomorrow night during the coffee house and do lots of copying, folding, and slipping the sheets into the orders or service. Much of this work would ideally be senior youth work but we only had a month to create the whole service and they don't have real experience with it, so I was happy to help. Next time there will be more set-up weeks and they can do more.

Ahhhh the feeling of relief. Sorry I'm so behind on LJ! I've been more into reading books lately, it seems. I'll try to be back soon, especially as I'm working through all my new load of applications.

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