February 23rd, 2013

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My dear friends Matt and Kels really turned my birthday around (they took me to Build-A-Bear, where I'd never been, and got me a dapper rainbow bear). My parents and I then had an impromptu dinner-and-a-film in my home city.

A piece of Lark/Rosethorn art (from Tamora Pierce's Emelan universe--"Circle of Magic" and beyond--which is my other main fandom) was posted on my birthday, too, even though I didn't see it until a few hours after. They're my only OT[Polyamorous]P to date; other characters I'm willing to, as I said to the author, ship all around the mulberry bush. (Some of the reason they're my OTP is that I can still ship them 'round the mulberry bush and have it be canon that it's happening consensually and polyamorously, with the two remaining a couple.) Two of my best fandom friends pointed it out to me.

The art is by Minuiko; she did it for the February Femslash month:

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As usual, I'm up too late; I've been watching The Worst Witch and trying to get through the "I've read this and should update on it" pile. I've put off the packing I'll need to do for tomorrow and Sunday, plus the lesson-planning for Sunday's class, as well. For once there's little guilt.

Tomorrow is Big Doc's funeral. It'll be my first personal funeral, that of someone I truly knew. We're crossing our fingers the snow doesn't toss a wrench in everything. After the funeral, when it comes down to mostly just family again (usually mine is included), things are likely to get a bit more light-hearted again. My mother tells me that the other night, come one in the morning, she and all the four children of Big Doc got the idea to dress up in his worst outfits and put one on the giant teddy (taller than me) that they'd once bought him. I'll have to see the pictures and videos soon. That's just the sort of thing that Big Doc would laugh and laugh away at, I imagine. I'm glad to have been brought up by a community of family that learned to deal so well with everything, too, in acknowledging that there really must be some humour in with the grief, especially when grieving someone whose life was full of humour and who so dearly loved laughing.

I've inherited the wheelchair they all bought Big Doc for the trip to Italy; it will be very useful for when I go day-walking places as I won't have to rent, which is always a touch disconcerting.

I should be off to sleep now. I'll have to wake up earlier because I procrastinated, although in the end I'll likely just throw some shite in a bag, dress myself up well enough, and get on with it.

I'm 23. I have a new teddy bear. That sounds about right. Good night!

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