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Kiwi Crocus
15 February 2013 @ 08:13 pm
I was just tidying up my room (as I always am, few surfaces that it has) and listening to music (as I always do while tidying) when I heard a song come on that reminded me of Amelia Bones, or more precisely her possible family.

I have quite a bit of music on my iPod and some of it I don't know well, since I put on music by artists I liked even when I didn't know all the songs; sometimes I listen just to become familiar with new songs and artists.

'Amelia' by Lucy Kaplansky came on. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory: a woman of another generation who gave herself up in marriage and a child (who is likely her grand-daughter) who doesn't. I've listened a few times now and I keep thinking of this Amelia as Amelia Bones' grand-mother and namesake, and also being--in a way--what taught Amelia the value of discovering herself, being true that self, keeping herself, and owning the world around her so it couldn't own her.

It's just a nice song, really, sad as it is; it has that hope in the child at the end as well, which is very true to life.

Here it is:

Yeeeaaaaah I did acoustic women. No hidin' that these days.

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Kiwi Crocus
15 February 2013 @ 10:32 pm
Eeeeeiiiii! Misti-Con extended its standard registration price until March 1st, which means I have more time to see how financially stable I feel for the future before putting in my registration. That is exciting.

Boring job-hunt shite.Collapse )

I had to stop halfway through that to play with the ferret that came gallivanting into my room followed by the big cat-kitten Bruce Wayne. (Bruce meows from Greggles' room across the hall but sounds like this tiny little kitten when really he's a rather well-sized cat, silly thing.)

Today I wore a gender-bender-splendour outfit. I was standing there trying to figure out whether to wear a sports bra or my balconette bra and first thought, "No, the balconette is too femme for the button-down, bow-tie, and suspenders." Then I realised I was doing the same thing I always did with my tighter t-shirts but reversed (when I decided I had to wear a proper bra with the tight tee's and not a sports bra). So I thought, "No, if I combine the boobs with the bow-tie, it'll be gender-bendery splendour!" Loved that phrase as soon as I thought it.

No reason for posting the terrible room-mirror pictures of my outfit, but is that going to stop me? No.

I wear clothes.Collapse )

Had to stop again because platonic-partner called with a favour for me to do in the house and then her cat wanted cuddles. Now fellow-job-hunting-housemate is up in my room for some hanging out while most of the household is at the Valentine's Rocky Horror Show. (: (It costs money, first of all, but I've also seen it so many times that at this point I only really want to go if it's super special.)

Kayla was watching me type this up and as I was typing she went crazy about the speed. It was adorable. She just exclaimed, "I mean, I type fast, but that's like unicorn-prancing-through-the-forest fast!"

Best. Compliment. Ever.

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