February 14th, 2013

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Today I volunteered with the Rhode Islanders United for Marriage phone banking because one of my old Rowe campers asked me to come along a few times and I realised, with a sigh, that it was the sort of thing I should do to be a Good Role Model. (He did not tell me it would be a gung-ho phone-banking event.)

Totally. Not. My. Thing.

Now, you may have picked up through this journal my inclination for volunteering. You may have even noticed that it sometimes has to do with attractive women. You may even be right.

I'm glad to know, at least, that there is a line. There was a cute gay girl there and still I was able to give a firm, "No, I won't be coming back for more phone banking, but I'll try to make it to the canvassing if my hip feels up to it." Look! It stated with a "no"! Canvassing I already know I like, so that's fine.

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I told them I'd be interested in data entry if they wanted the help some time, plus the canvassing if I can make it. I do still want to help, of course, but with my preferred skill set and without making myself miserable. :D

Now it's Valentine's Day. I did have a committee meeting, but it was cancelled. I'm going to head off for a bit of at-home volunteer work for my congregation and enjoy some sleep. I wonder if I'll leave the house tomorrow; I could go couple-counting...

Can't switch back to old posting format any more and my icon randomiser doesn't show me what it randomises to until I post. I have a sad.

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For the past few years I've been trying to keep better tabs on what I read, with goodreads and keeping a list on LJ every year (which has been pretty fun!). Not too long ago I also made the LJ kikiweeki to put some of my thoughts about different things that I read (and possibly someday on things I watch); the name comes from my current quest to read at least an average of one thing a week, so 52 things a year.

There are a few things there that I put up recently and thought I'd share here.

[personal profile] tetleythesecond rec'd it out of her love for Selma Lagerlöf and I picked it up when I saw my library had it. I'll admit many of the thoughts are self-centred memories, but that's what tends to crop up in my brain when I'm reading memoirs of people's youthful years. (:

Another rec from Tetley because my library had it. I really loved this little book even when it broke my heart (as of course I knew it would, given the topic).

For something completely different:

This one is unlike the others in that it isn't a 'tab and talk' situation. The book had some excellent artwork that reminded me of the posts some flisties (*coughTetleycough*) made while decorating homes, especially posts about artwork. I went through the book and picked out the pieces that I quite liked and those that could potentially find themselves around my house, if I had a house to decorate instead of a Cupboard Over the Stairs. It's NSFW but some of the art is wonderful and worth the look!

So that's that.I've got some other books that I've read to go through. It takes me a while, but I love going through a book to pages I've noted and seeing what touched me as I read--and what continues to affect me during a second scan-through.

Back to going through my inbox, watching Turtles Can Fly, and enjoying my Anna Howard Shaw Day!

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Apparently Valentine's Day means putting up with a lot of posts from me again!

I'm close to being caught up with this last hoggywartyxmas party with just the 14th, 15th, and 16th days to go. I've been compiling a rec list as I've read. I realised today, though, that there is another one that I wanted to post separately:

  • A Year to Forget || PG?, 9.5k, Rosmerta/OFC || Rosmerta is under Imperius and her partner is finding it difficult to deal with her behaviour.

  • This can be a difficult story to read but is very well worth it. It’s uncomfortable in knowing that in this case we all hope the OFC sticks it out—because we understand the reason behind Rosmerta’s behaviour and how/when it will end—but these changes are not rare in other circumstances, either, without the ‘cure’ that we know Rosmerta and her partner will experience. We can root for them here because we know; otherwise we would be looking at it much the way other characters in this story are and it would be terribly difficult and uncomfortable, which is how it mostly is for these situations. We can be glad in this one that it is not and that, as one might imagine, the ending is strong and good but still requires the time for healing. This story touches on dark waters that run deep and dangerous.

    I loved the characterisation and the setting. We get to slip into the magical world with new eyes, much as we did with Harry Potter in the first book, but these eyes likely fit most of us much better than those of an 11-year-old boy.

    I've been wanting to read this story for a long while. featherxquill once gave a prompt to a post I'd written rec'ing a piece of Rosmerta/Pomona art (04/10/2010): Well, I've always wondered how Rosmerta coped in the wake of HBP, what with being imperiused into having a hand in Dumbledore's death. I imagine an earthy, understanding woman like Pomona would be the perfect person to help her deal with that. It's been on my years for the years since, although I haven't written it (that I still have it in my inbox is proof that I intended to come back to it). Though I knew in the end it didn't really have to be Pomona; I just wanted to experience the story surrounding this time in Rosmerta's life.

    When I read the header for the story I went, "Yes! This is what I wanted to read!" It does a wondrous job of giving just that story, that experience, that I was waiting for.

    Now I'm afraid I'll likely never get to that Rosmerta/Pomona prompt because the subject matter is dealt with so well in this story, A Year to Forget!

    You all can get back to your lovey-dovey days now. ;D

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