February 12th, 2013

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I have a very important question. It has filled my mind many a time and many a day. It has haunted me since I took my first hesitant steps into womanhood.


There is just no right adjustment for you, is there, my stringy friends? You just keep firmly demanding that I let everything roll off my shoulders. Did you ask me what I wanted? Maybe I WANT some things no my shoulders; maybe I want YOU on my shoulders! Goodness knows strapless would be a disaster.

Now, I know I ask a lot of you, little friends, but you have one job...

I apologise, flisties, for how much you have to put up with my basoomas and my poor over-worked over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders on occasion. I had even managed to meet a few of you when they were a little less prominent. Ah well.

I'm afraid I have no regrets despite my apologies. If I can't get this off my chest here (*snerk*) then I'll end up exploding some time in real life, as has happened before, with something like, "FOR THE LOVE ALL THAT IS GOOD AND USEFUL IN THIS WORLD, SHIRT TWINS, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP HARASSING MY BRA! AND BRA, DO YOUR JOB OR I'LL PUT YOU ON THE DAMN CAT!" (Foofy, the three-legged cat, was unimpressed with my explosion. However she is much like the Honey Badger in that she would not give a shit about the bra.)

Also, the other problem I had today?

Find 11 other great Busty Girl Comics here. I've had every single one of those problems. The actual website for the comic is here.

It's a glamorous life, I tell you.

P.S. There's a reeeaaaally cute librarian at the library. I may have come home with a book (Pray the Gay Away about gays in the Bible Belt) and three films ('Real Women Have Curves', 'TransAmerica' and 'Turtles Can Fly'). Also may have offered to volunteer there doing whatever they need, including helping kids with homework. *ahem.* Pretty women may be a weakness of mine. Maybe.

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