January 31st, 2013

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High winds in Providence tonight. Heard them while I was getting some stuff done and couldn't help myself: grabbed my hoodie and headed downstairs. (It was before the time period for the worst winds.)

Found myself up at the India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge. (Don't worry, my street is always very well lighted and often populated even late at night.) The wind was amazing. Seems three (likely Brown University) kids had the same idea and we were all up at the end of the bridge over India Point Park experiencing the wind.

Wasn't quite the same experience as having a yard of my own (or my family's) to go wild with how I choose but it was definitely fun! We were all laughing and playing in the wind.

Reminded me of elemental magic, which I've always loved. It's fun how even knowing the science, there are things that just come off as magical, like big winds and weather. The damp air and feeling this forceful pressure of something that can't be seen and then those peculiar moments when it all stops so all is peaceful and quiet and frozen in time. alkdjflasjkdf nice feelings.

Eeeiheeehee now I am back and I feel drunk even though I never touched a drop. My head is going to float away and I told the fridge I was going to sleep in her when I was putting away food. But then I hit my head on her when I went to stand up and decided she didn't like the idea. Which is all for the best for all involved, really, and instead I get to sleep in my bed under my skylight and listen to the howling wind, which I love!

I'm weather-drunk. This is perhaps the closest you will get to a drunk!Kiwi post, unless my rules get a lot less strict in the future.

Let my hair down for a bit so it's likely a mess of tangles now. :P Mmmm sleepy bedtime. TOMORROW'S FEBRURURURURURURUARY. If you drink a lot of beer is if Febrewary? I don't shave, so it's probably Februhairy. Or if you're all afraid of life and its dangers then you're probably none too pleased that it'll Februwary.

(EMELAN FANDOM REFERENCE: I wonder if Tris ever gets weather-drunk. It's really a rather glorious feeling.)

Poof poof howl goes the wind. Clank clank scrape goes the stick. Boom bang bounce goes some unidentified thing over beyond my window (fire escape?). Nonsense nonsense nonsense goes the Kiwi.

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