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Kiwi Crocus
29 January 2013 @ 06:53 pm
I stayed at my parents' longer than I expected to. Possibly because it was more comfortable scrolling through endless pages of hospital jobs with a happily-snuffling and -snoring pug curled up against my stomach or legs.

Home now, though. Had some open tabs that I thought I'd actually do something with instead of just ignoring.

alskdjflajsdf. Wilhelmina/Pomona fic. Finally got to it. You've all probably already ready it. ALKSDJFLAJKf. (For those of you who don't know, Grubbly-Sprout--or Flora and Fauna as featherxquill reminded me last time--is my strange HP almost-OTP. 'Strange' in that I've never actually written it myself and 'almost' in that I don't really keep OTPs, only one ever, and that's more an OTPA: One True Polyamorous Arrangement [but not OT3].)

Anyway, it belongs to kellychambliss and it's amazing (shock? No? Alright, no shock) and it's rated R since it's Daily Deviant and it's called Talk Dirt To Me. Watch out. It's killer. I warned you.

In other news, would you all still be my friend if I dressed like this?Collapse )

And of course I know you'd all still be my friend. :D

And a little more serious, but still involving clothes.Collapse )

For some reason I felt like combining those two almost-completely-unrelated things in this post! One I've been wanting to write up for a while and one was just sprung upon me.

And now for something even more completely different: Dear Friend of mine posted the young!Minerva portrait to my Facebook wall, saying she thought of me, and in the original there's a cat at the bottom; I had labelled the picture 'young Minerva' in some way and another friend jokingly said "nice! so who's the woman next to her? ;b" (indicating the cat as Minerva) so I pointed out, equally jovial, that the cat doesn't have the square spectacle markings; the friend wrote back, "young Minerva doesn't need them yet (; ". I just about died laughing. (I am ignoring the fact that the cat in the portrait is not a grey tabby. :P)

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Kiwi Crocus
29 January 2013 @ 11:21 pm
Dear Future Kiwi,

Will we ever learn that the more frequently we do our laundry, the fewer times we have to wear the underthings we don't like?

Why do we fold our underwear and bras but don't roll our socks?

Are we ever going to do the whole seasonal-clothes-somewhere-else deal so we can stop being angry at half our clothes half the year?


Best wishes and much love,

P.S. Have you figured out where all the single socks go? I won't hold my breath. Do you still have a dating service for all the single socks and poly-interested pairs?

(These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am tidying/organising/cleaning my room, which I try to do for at least 10 minutes every night but all too often gets put off for more time spent over a day or few.)

Dear Past Kiwi,

Why didn't you go through all your clothes all those times you said you would? And no, never mind the fact that I just thought "I should go through all my clothes now that they're clean" and decided that I would do it when I had time to try them all on--which is totally impossible. Shush up, I'm older and wiser. *Blows raspberry.*

Much love,

Dear Present Kiwi,

You have a sock on your head. Stop procrastinating on Livejournal and go back to putting your clothes away--and set aside the ones you don't like/want/need, for goodness' sake!

Much love,

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