January 17th, 2013

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Just finished watching an episode of Bomb Girls. I quite like it, actually. Canadian show set in WWII times; it touches on some queerness as well. It's only in the third episode of the third season and not too many episodes in each, so easy to catch up on.

My house was social tonight but I wasn't quite feeling it so I flittered in and out. Have been working on getting my inbox down to size and getting my clothes away as well as various other keep-my-space-how-I-want-it activities. Brought the tree down and out and swept after its shed-tastic journey. Kind of annoying how few things I can do on my feet before I feel the need to sit down again, but I get enough done. (The hip is one thing, but really? Silly knees. Hasn't anyone told you you're only 22? But then you've been misbehaving since you were 8, so why do I bother? Hush now, darlings. ♥)

My room still isn't quite at the point that every little thing has a place (the way I prefer it), but it's getting there. And today for the first time I took out my snailmail supplies and have started working my way down the list of people I want to get things out to; I know that keeps me cheery. I only got two done today because it takes me a while, but I'm proud and pleased all the same. (:

Two and a half bags more of things to get to: one misc., one little Christmas gifts that need places, and one a bag of books which is easy in that they'll all go up on the bookshelf but difficult in that it means standing on a chair and being a bit acrobatic. (I've done it twice before so it can be done, safely enough as well, but I need to make sure I do that on a good hip day.) Then I can bring up my poor decorations from the boot of the car and get them up on the walls, which thus far only have fairie lights.

Hopefully soon I'll have the room sorted and then cleaned enough (mostly dusting/sweeping/hoovering a bit) that I'll feel able to do a quick video around to show my new Kiwi Abode. I'd love to include the rest of the house--the communal parts--as well, provided I think they're clean enough.

Tomorrow errands in the afternoon. Boring things like a bank visit and Draino and dish sponges and vitamins and donating things I don't need, because being an adult is so enthralling and that's why all the teenagers want to grow up so fast. Food shopping at some point but we'll see how many spoons I have tomorrow after the other errands; I may settle for leftover pasta and a trip out for some frozen yoghurt, which I've been craving like mad. (;

Isn't my life exciting? Yes, of course it is. It's so exciting that I'm going to head off to sleep.

What exciting stuff is going on in your life? (Provided that you understand 'errand' is filed away under 'exciting' for the moment. So is cleaning. And procrastinating. Ahem. So we all get to be super-duper exciting.)

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