January 9th, 2013

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AAAHHHH YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!! I GOT RECC'D!! AAAAAH! This is a new experience!

I've been chatting with [personal profile] dueltastic all day (as I often do) and about a half-hour ago she said I had been "crack-broomed"--and I had no idea what that meant.

("I've been what? Have I got a disease?" "Probably. I know where that thing has been." "What thing has been? ME? I've been fair few places lately. :P" "The crack-broom." "What's the crack-broom? Is that Rolanda's drug of choice?" Just so you know how it went down.)

And then she sent me the link to here and I squeed like a mad squeeing thing, because I've been rec'ced!

For a story I thought had been a major disappointment, too!

Thank you, woldy, for the rec and the kind words! What a lovely feeling this is, thank you. (: I'm so pleased you enjoyed the story--and found the steamy scenes hot and emotionally-charged. :B (I have some difficulty with those.)

Cheers to you too, [personal profile] dueltastic, for otherwise I wouldn't have known!

With this, a recent hot rec (for Hoggywarty), and being nominated for an award for inventive magic that I care deeply about (Minervafest), I can end the year feeling I've done something right even with just the three fests. You all are the best community a young OLSB-appreciating poly genderbendy queer-bird writer-ish-person could ever dream of, let alone stumble upon.

Thank you so much. ♥ Now I'm spending the evening being a fandom-sappy goober, d'awwwr.

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