December 30th, 2012

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The new definition for "cold feet" is when it has snowed 7 inches, the driveway didn't end up plowed, you got snowed in somewhere not-home with no boots, and you have something to do the next day that you half hope gets cancelled.

Tomorrow is the Young Adult service I'm running. I'm super nervous about it--I went a bit unorthodox/unconventional, shock--and the cowardly part of me hopes it will be cancelled. Well, that part and the lazy/pained part: I have little (no) desire to clear off the car tomorrow, shovel the snow-plow pile, clear out the rest of the driveway to get out, and tackle the roads... At least I managed to stop at home to collect a hat, gloves, and boots; I don't have to be a hobbitsicle. Unfortunately my hip replacement means I'm quite a sore hobbit either way.

I'm trying to put a more humorous spin on this for myself, although it's been hard and lonely. Getting snowed in alone at someone else's house isn't really much fun, especially when it's my English uncle's last night/day here and my family is likely bonding over at the Burrow with the intention to continue tomorrow (when I'll have to come back here, provided I manage to leave at all).

Hopefully I'll feel more like myself by the 2nd at the latest--when I'm able to get away and sleep in Providence/my actual house for the first time since the 23rd--and I'll be able to snuggle up to catch up on all the things I've been too cranky/down to go near.

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