December 15th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Some days it stinks that winter is the favourite season of my mind, when it pains my leg so and is not the favourite season of my poor body.

I am thankful that today is NOT one of those days. I am having a lovely winter day here at a wintertastic holiday concert at which I am volunteering (mostly at intermission).

And then I think that it's probably best that my mind's most cherished season is my body's least anyway, because it would be much harder all round if all of me hated winter. Mind over matter, right? My mind loves winter, so I as an entity do.

Merry Winter!

(I finally brought my snailmail stuff to Providence; it doesn't have a place yet, but it's there. Would any of you be interested in non-holiday-specific cards for whenever I manage to send them out? Likely with anything else I may owe you, as I do have it all tucked together, provided I haven't lost anything in the move. :D)

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