December 14th, 2012

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Keeping up on my life here is tricky. ...Keeping up on my life anywhere is tricky, actually. This is living with eight friends in a house.

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I just wanted to catch up so, yeah yeah, another long Kiwish entry. :P HERE IS THE PROOF THAT I THINK ABOUT MY LIFE AND WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH IT. So there we go, Professor McGonagall, those are my current career-track thoughts and oh I have crush on a woman who wears her hair up, dresses well but a bit old-fashioned, and grew up Presbyterian. Pretty sure you don't have a brochure for that one. :B

Tomorrow's a big day. Bringing Housemate Kayla to work again in the AM, calling a craigslister and heading nearby to pick up a desk for my father for his birthday, heading to Bank of America to inquire about opening an account and getting Housemate Casey to change her account so they stop charging her extra, hopefully working on collectibles at some time, a hair-wash shower, working on the Trixie performance for Rocky Horror that my friends and I are doing, WaterFire at 5pm, and tree decorating after. I would love to throw a nap in there somewhere...

Kiwibrain, go to sleep. You love your bed; let it love you.

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