December 13th, 2012

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Took my melatonin so I'm a bit loopy.

Today there was much drama because there is often much drama and, as with many days of drama, I was not directly related to any of it but came across/heard about/listened to much of it. Not all of it is unwarranted.

It was also a little comforting to hear someone say outright, "I am going to come talk to you about this. You are a good person to talk with because you will tell me if this person is being an asshole or if I should be a good person or both." (My conclusion, about the man who used to live in this house and is being a complete prick about collecting the stuff we graciously allowed him to store in our basement for little cost, is both: the person is being an asshole and Housemate will have to be a good person anyway because I know her and otherwise she'll feel terrible for a long while. "Good person" as in not just throwing out all his stuff [including, apparently, treasured items from his father] the way the rest of the house seems to want to, not "good person" as in "bend over backwards to accommodate someone who clearly doesn't respect you or your time and don't stand up for yourself and your beliefs".)

On the plus side, Housemate Casey and I went on an errand together this evening and collected two trees for the household. The plan is to get them properly set up in the stands tomorrow (my preference would have been today) so they can relax through the rest of Thursday and much of Friday. Friday we-the-housemates will hopefully head over to the Christmas WaterFire event: Festival of Trees and then come home to decorate our own trees like the family we are.

Also yaaaay writing achievements. Gotta bring Housemate Kayla to work in the morning, though, so I should head off to bed. Night night!

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