December 7th, 2012

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Today was a good 'me' day. Not a hugely productive one, but a good one.

I only got a new set of lights up as decoration but the set goes all the way across the back of my room (straight across from my door) which means hanging over my bed a bit; I like it. This evening, after some tidying, I looked around my room with my hands on my hips--a frequent "I'm contemplating this" pose--and I nodded, which is to say, "It's not perfect yet, but this is officially and absolutely my room now." My posters and random decorative things are still in the back of my car (who knows how many will actually fit) but it's definitely my room.

And I must say, for the tiniest room in the house (the Cupboard Over the Stairs as I've been calling it), it's definitely one of the coolest. My nesting instincts have won out!

I'm caught up with much of the stuff I'd like to be caught up on and the rest doesn't seem as overwhelming. I feel much more able to tackle my To Do List (and my To Day Lists and fluff up my To Done List) when I feel settled and grounded, instead of wayward and overwhelmed.

Tomorrow I'm running some errands with Housemate!Casey and Housemate!Ray (Casey's partner) which should hopefully include some time for looking into where we can find two small (4' maybe, skinny) trees: one for the ground-floor living room (white-light tree), one for the upstairs living room (coloured-light tree).

One of these days I need to write up a little 'name and blurb' list of the people I live with. It was less confusing when it was, at most, me, my dog, my parents, my brother, my grandmother, and my uncle. Now that I live with 8 other people, 8 cats, a rabbit, and a ferret--all while we have frequent guests--it gets a bit more confusing.

Oh! My English uncle is coming for Christmas this year with his new partner. (He always has a new partner. Mum has fallen in love with too many of them and has now given up. Her last love of Malcolm's was Sue, who had kids the age of me and my brother, and when Malcolm dropped her by accidentally sending her a text meant for a woman in a bar, Mum was heartbroken; when Malcolm started dating another woman named Sue, Mum took to calling her "Sue Two". We think this one has an M-name, which may be the first since Maureen [another one my mother loved; my American uncle has had a long-term on-off Maureen, too]. Who knows.) It'll be new and exciting and there'll be lots more dry humour, I imagine. He's a very dry man who has long lived the bachelor life.

It's really time I stop sitting and soaking in the glow of this room of mine. I should get off to sleep. Goodnight, all, goodnight! ♥

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