December 4th, 2012

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Oh dear, Pottermore. Having a typo in Professor Snape's entry? Tut tut. What would Severus say to that?

Clearly, I am doing useful and productive things with my time.

But I did get all my shoes here and put away, finally. So, you know, all the important stuff is done.

(Apparently I have a thing for boots. Who knew.)

I'm brewing a Forgetfulness Potion. I am 100% certain that I am forgetting something at this very moment, that my Remembrall would turn red if I clutched it, and that I haven't the foggiest what I'm forgetting.

I'm quite the student of Potions, too. And apparently a Slytherin to boot. Perhaps I should just stop washing my hair and resign myself to a sallow, stringy existence of martyred heroism and long-unrequited love. It'd save me some time, anyway.

(The notecards help. What jay has two thumbs and writes up notecards for an online game? This jay here. I should learn something useful instead. Maybe if I pretended cooking was Potions and wrote up notecards for recipes, I'd be more inclined to give cooking a real chance.)

This useless entry is brought to you by apples, bananas, mini peanut-butter cups, and a nocturnal blogger who is seldom doing what she should be doing.

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