December 2nd, 2012

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I had a life for a little bit.

Then I found Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix since everyone who lives on the ground floor has gone off to a con and I have the floor to myself for television viewing.

Slowly watching it as I do other things so I'm only on episode 2, but alksdjfalskjdf, I just needed to squee a little bit about seeing two scientific-minded women having an animated discussion about science (and right up close--you know, shipping close). And while they really didn't have to add the moment of a man ask a silly question and having the HWIC confirm that he's not making any sense to drive home the point of 'look, women being good at science!', I have to admit that it made me grin as well.

Go women in science in space! STEM-fems all the way! :D

Yes, because this is apparently what I watch Star Trek for: role models in science. Kiwi, they just got sucked away to the other side of the galaxy and their holographic doctor is shrinking. Are you really searching for realism and role models?

Ahaha. Oh hey there, hoggywartyxmas. What are you doing there? Why are you staring at me? Don't look at me like that! No, argh, gerroff me! Offff!

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