November 24th, 2012

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Aaaaaahhhhh November kindly slow the frak down.

I am a terrible flistie. Please pretend I just don't exist for at least the next week, much as I haven't really existed the last few.

Last night there was a double feature Shock Treatment / Rocky Horror until about 2am. I was an extra in one song for Shock Treatment so I was all dressed up in a suit; that much was fun. I was exhausted for Rocky so I headed up to join Kels where she was doing the audio/video techy stuff. I sat up there through the show and wrote smut, which is not an entirely inappropriate activity for Rocky.

So much smut everywhere. I suppose I did plan it into the outline, but I've certainly never written this much smut in this little time. I'm still behind but not so far that I don't think I can't still win with a solid sitting. And of course I've just remembered that I finished NaNo with smut last year, too. It seems I put all the steamy stuff I usually don't use through the year into my NaNovels, since nobody reads those!

Tonight is some sort of adults-of-my-congregation-go-dance event from 8 to midnight; I think I'll enjoy it. Tomorrow morning I have service and then I think I'll be coming back for a write-in down the street since I haven't been social with my NaNoWriMo-ing in years. (Hopefully I'll be done with this smut section by then.) Monday more job search. Liiiiiife.

I know I requested that you treat me as non-existent, and I probably won't respond much since I've hardly been able to touch my inbox, but how are you all keeping? How's the writing going? I hope none of those who celebrate T(of)urkey Day exploded from full stomachs? Or were trampled by the crowds of Black Friday? You're all still out there, right?!

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