November 18th, 2012

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All right, life, fine: I admit to having a crush on a minister.

Further proof that Lady Luck does not at all guide my romantic interests. Really, though? Really?

She just got married! As in, having her final service (UUs often have multiple events) soon! Granted, at least she's under 30; you're getting warmer there. Maybe next time.

So I've fallen for the same straight woman twice--once at 16 and once at 21--a few women who reminded me of her (little crushes), and am now developing a crush on a young, straight, just-married minister. I think someone like JKR is writing my life to be a tragic tale of ridiculous unrequited feelings meant to act as a sad form of humour. I am growing into one of those supporting spinster characters with a set of odd quirks to make sure I'm not too powerful or too tragic and so there's always enough humour to not take me completely seriously.

Drat those women with Presbyterian childhoods. Seems I fall for them whether fictional or physical. *Grins.*

I'll just go pick up a Bluejay bird hat with a rainbow hat and be done with it, all quirks in line. You all can call me Kiweni 'Kiwi' Stubbly-Punk; I'll just be up in a little tower with a crup, a hypoallergenic kneazle, lots of books, and some tea.

(Note: This is not the reason I spend so much time on/with my congregation; I would be doing it anyway. It's just nice having someone to admire out of the corner of my eye. [And, as that statement implies, I do not actually mind this crush one bit; it's quite fun. It's nice having a young minister to be giggly with and we get along great.])

Sorry I've been so absent! The Providence house is distracting. Do you know how difficult it is to write when there is a three-month-old Siamese runt-kitten trying to sit on your keyboard? Especially when she is just too cute to move and so you suffer the inevitable consequence of having "lhggggggggggvd", etc. written into your novel? Well, if you've never had the privilege, just come visit me. You could also try getting some work done when there is a nine-month-old kitten-cat purring and trying to get you to rub his tummy. Or perhaps the ferret who really just wants to play and then fall asleep on you, much like the kitten. And all the people around for conversations and joint television watching. It's also NaNo WriMo, so much of my freetime that would be for Livejournal has gone into writing. I'm at 23,000 words--so 7,000 behind and I think I can make a dent in that today/this evening.

I really need to get used to living in a house with lots of people again. :P For now, though, I'm back in MA since there was service today (I was in the back writing). This evening there is an Interfaith service happening at the congregation and I'm intrigued, so I'll probably show my face. I also have a job kidsitting tomorrow and the next day from noon to five down the street, so I'll be staying longer than I intended. But money is good!

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ETA: This is a terribly unflattering picture of me, but Arwen is just too adorable and likes to keep her pillow still with the gentle application of a paw.

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