November 7th, 2012

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Had (hazelnut) liqueur and (cheap, sweet) wine so limited entry:

Thank fucking goodness.

Obama, re-elected. Warren, first female Massachusetts senator. New Hampshire, first all-female congressional delegation. Baldwin, first openly gay senator (lesbian!). Hirono, first female Hawaiian senator, first female Asian American senator, and first Japan-born immigrant elected to U.S. Senate. Duckworth, first disabled female veteran in the House of Representatives. Gonzalez, first out pansexual Senator.

Some very scary people, out.

Or as one of my friends said, something like, 'Not the best day for old rich white straight able-bodied men.' Which, in my book, is not a terrible day if it turns out to be a better day for those outside that demographic.

That joy is all without even talking about the ballot measures.

So, yes: thank fucking goodness. My family and I don't have to run away to England! (We can just visit and have a good time, instead.)

And, apropos of nothing, we have an incredibly attractive first lady. I may have spent a goodly amount of time staring at the curve of her back. Maybe. Goodnight.

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