November 2nd, 2012

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Another sleepy Kiwi!

Today I wanted to get all sorts of things done, but I was still exhausted from yesterday's adventure so everything felt very sloooow and more painful than usual. (That's painful in the 'oi, I don't want to be productive right now; I'd like to procrastinate!' way and not the 'ouch ouch ouch why is my body dumb' one.)

Managed to oil my hair (which is quite the process), do the heat treatment (which involves a bathing cap and makes me look ridiculous; I have picture proof) with a heating pad, do my load of laundry, put the laundry away, clear some floorspace, clean my dog's mouth, and go through a bag of old horse figurines I've been too nostalgic to touch.

(I didn't have any friends as a kid--or, I did because my mother made me make them--so I played with little pettable horses and imaginary kittens that could change size and escape through my electrical sockets if an adult entered. I had a whole herd of the toys and a whole planet of animals up in my head. I managed to keep seven of the horses and part with the rest, but not before taking pictures and videos of all of them together one last time. My little herd. I am a nostalgic, sentimental old fool.)

Didn't get any actual writing done but spent hours finishing the outlining I wanted to do yesterday; I am cheating and for now using it as my word count. Minerva and I shall dance tomorrow, when I shall start her on the path of All The Lesbian Mistakes because I am also a sadistic old-young dyke.

(No, none of you will want to read it. Have you ever read NaNo WriMo writing? That is not something you want to put yourself through. Save yourselves, save yourselves! This is so I don't have to do as much world-building, just writing away during job-search month--the story will be dreadful! If I want in the future I can basically make it original fic without a huge amount of difficulty, I think. Especially if I ever do get around to making a Kiwish magical world, since JKR really didn't invent hers from scratch or anything, and I wouldn't really have to either.)

Oh! My parents paid me quite well for picking them up in New York, which is actually a huge relief. I've also found the life!planner I want to get here because even though it looks expensive, it's the cheaper version of a name-brand type and I'm really sick of having bland planners that don't inspire me to use them. Back in school and uni, I used to be a hound about using my assignment notebook for everything (even my teachers were impressed) and I think one of the things that drove me to do it was that they were actually fun, with colours and sections and the occasional inspirational quote/fact. The boring cheap adult ones just don't 'do it' for me! This should help.

Now it's 2am, I'm knackered again, and I am well and truly going to sleep. (With my pug, since he has forgiven me for the invasion of his poor ickle mouthie. The vets gave me a finger brush to use this time. It would be work better, they said. It would be easier, they said. ...well, someone was wrong. Perhaps they've forgotten the size of a pug's mouth.)

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