November 1st, 2012

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This post will probably not have the best English. It is a bad sign that I am typing it with my eyes closed.

I returned home not that long ago--nearly midnight--and I have all the Tireds. I have collected them and they are following me around singing "zzzzzz" all enchantingly and sprinkling sleep-sand and it is distracting. Leave me alone, you fuzzy-wuzzy sleep-beings, I am trying to make no sense on the Internet! Can't you see how important this is?!

Iiiii don't know where Halloween went. Pretty sure New York ate it. More than 4 hours in the car--because of course my directions didn’t turn out to be accurate and my phone navigation wouldn't work--and plunking at a shopping mall, because at least I can navigate those in any state (mentally and geographically). That was after getting yelled at for not being a Verizon employee and parking in an apparently naughty place and falling over in the middle of said mall because my phone was acting up, I couldn't wrestle it from my bag again, and I didn't have my cane. My parents got stuck at the car rental place for hours and they got, with the other guy, the second-to-last car of the evening; after that people would have to wait another day. They heard some pretty tough stories.

We ate at Uno’s; my father loves that place for some odd reason. Oh! Forgot that as part of my getting lost because the highway signage didn’t mention my route, I stopped at a gas station for snacks and purchased a watermelon Mar-go-rita which is a margarita in a go pouch, like go-gurt but for an alcoholic drink. My country is ridiculous and this is apparently one of the ridiculous things I do at 22. (I haven't tried it yet.) I got a funny look from the cashier so I said, "My parents are stuck in New York so I'm munching junk food." He laughed and laughed.

The ride home was good. I had my headphones on but could tell at one point that my parents' wedding song came on. Saw my Da take my Mum's hand and bounce it up and down until they laughed. Such a cute moment. I love the reminders that I come from a family full of love (eeeeven if, alright just a little, my now-mostly-hidden young-teenage self was going "ewww eww ewww PDA!"). I also remembered seeing a note she had written around my age describing what she wanted in a partner and it mentioning someone who would “play with her” or something like that. Love that, because it’s totally important (the human species loves play! Only silly people don’t admit it!), my Da absolutely loves to play, and I am a playful person looking for another playful person. The circle of play: it exists in my family. (As does the circle of ‘cray’, but we ignore that one for the most part.)

So Halloween is gone and took my brain with it. November is here with National Novel Writing Month and the Tired-fuzzies are sprinkling the cavern where my brain used to be with sleepy-sand. I somehow doubt I am going to be any kind of productive on the writing front. I should go zonk the frook out.

Night night! Sweet dreams! Wonder if I can get to bed from here without opening my eyes... Nawr, can't risk stepping on the dog.

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