October 31st, 2012

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Yesterday I failed at writing what I was thinking. I wasn't hopeful that my parents would come home today instead of yesterday; they had already completely missed the opportunity to come home when they wanted, and so I was hopeful they'd make it back today.

They called me this morning as they were making potential plans. They were considering paying me to drive down to NYC to pick them up--so I basically would be a Honeybadger for Halloween. (Honeybadger don't care; honeybadger don't give a shit.)

Instead they are sticking with renting a car and dropping it off at the airport (and having me pick them up there) when they arrive. Sad on the money front, since it would have made me feel better about once again not being settled in Providence by the time I want. (The plan was to be settled-and-really-living-there by Halloween night so I'd be there for all of November. I can still work to make it happen, but it'd be a late move-in and I'd miss the chance to go out and have a drink on Wickenden for Halloween.)

I'll admit to being a bit bummed. My parents don't think they'll get anywhere near Boston until after 6, so that means the earliest I'd be home is after 7, and I'll want to take a shower and gather some stuff (including, hopefully, my computer--which is a desktop so not as easy to move as a laptop) before Providence, so that'd probably be after 8 or even 9 depending on how much cleaning/gathering I do. Then I'd do my unpacking and go experience some of Wickenden on Halloween.

But probably I'll end up having a meal with my parents (my father wants it) and not have much time. Silly thing to be bummed about, I guess, missing Halloween... I don't even have a costume. There are so many bigger things to be bummed about.

Guess I was just holding onto another image: being fully moved into Providence with my computer and my bicycle, walking down Wickenden and experiencing it as a Real Resident on Halloween, and heading back to My Settled House to start on my National Novel Writing Month novel, which would be a great way to normalise the move for me. Suppose I'll try to get myself going on cleaning through the last piles of my stuff (mostly paper and books) so I can easily get to the last important stuff I need to take to Providence. C'mon, Kiwi, change your mood!

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Jaykay, jaykay.

My parents are getting a ride with someone else renting a rental car (I think that's what they said) and they're getting themselves to Tarrytown, New York, where I am to pick them up.

So BRB, just gonna head there and come back.

See you all in about 7 hours, more if we get food (and I think we'll have to).

I had just sussed out that my plan was going to be "loud music, attack room" so at least I have the consistency of loud music through whatever plans.

Gonna run now, since it's going to take them way less time to get to Tarrytown than it's going to take me!

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