October 30th, 2012

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I'm around, safe, and shocked. Shocked personally by the fact that my house retained power but more by the damage in NY and NJ. Especially given my parents are currently stuck in NYC (they're fine, all cuddled up in a hotel [with power] like newlyweds) and my sister recently moved to NJ-nearish-NYC (haven't heard back from her yet).

Last night I was oddly more nervous by the fact that we did have power since that isn't the normal way of things. Made an update on Facebook last night that summed up much of my Hurricane experience but that, after the wine, I forgot to post here:

"This update is brought to you directly by my dog’s antics and indirectly by Hurricane Sandy, Wine Edition. I have had a few conversations with my dog (pre-wine, I assure you) that have ended with him prancing around and practically shouting at me, "I wanna go out! Lemme go out! It's time to go out pleeeeaaaase!" I told him, "You're not going to like this very much," and indeed, as the rain from the eaves of the house touched his face, he began to regret his life decisions. But he had utterly convinced me of his dire need, so I directed him more firmly outside; there he wandered around--hopelessly lost in this sad wet world and unable to 'do his business'--until I let him back in. He indicated his many regrets by repeatedly running around our living room; I saved him from his trauma with the quick application of a beach towel. Then I headed over to my phone so I could call my parents and inquire after the availability (to me) of the wine in the fridge. It was available; thus here I am, in utter shock and disbelief over the fact that WE STILL HAVE POWER. Probably a bad idea, then, to have napped on and off between 2-7pm."

It was surprisingly popular update on Facebook! I had two glasses of wine (which is extremely uncommon for me), kept myself occupied, and went to sleep.

Today I got a three-way call from my mother and grandmother and was informed that I needed to take my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. Collected Grammie, brought her to the doctor's. She seems so fuzzy-headed now that it's sad, but I think much of it is still recovering from the colitis and procedure. In the waiting room she told me that she didn't just fall the other week (and she sprained her wrist pretty bad) but that a few days later she fainted--she mentioned the word "stroke" in passing and I begged her to just bring everything up to the doctor. I may have specifically given this display of emotion in front of the pretty Irish nurse, who invited me to come back as well; I could tell from Grammie's face that it would have been an invasion of privacy for her so I didn't. When my grandmother was in with the doctor the nurse came over to thank me, saying that she thought my request had helped because Grammie did bring more things up whereas usually she seems very private and it tends to feel as if any medical people are invading that privacy when they ask after her health. I thanked the nurse right back. Some blood-work for Grammie and then a trip to Target for her prescriptions. It's difficult to take in how much older and frailer she seems, but it helps when the nurses say things like, "And we know you'll get better soon because you're a spunky old woman! We can't lie and say it hasn't been a pleasure to see you again, but we hope not to see you for a while now!"

Came home, shipped an item off at the post office, and passed out in a nap myself because even if Hurricane Sandy did little to my house or direct area of living, she's been pretty bad on my hip. I probably should be going with ice for the hip but I'm also cramping up like made so I've got a heating pad and that seems to be taking care of both pains.

So I am groggily here and fine. My parents will hopefully be coming home tomorrow instead of today (they knew they were crazy heading over there to meet Da's crazy old English uni friend who didn't recognise weather when he saw it in the news) and I will hopefully still get to spend Halloween in my Providence household.

That's me, checked in.

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