October 27th, 2012

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I have been a bad, naughty Kiwi and stayed up reading fanfic.

I also re-activated and touched up my Dreamwidth account--cranky_x_crocus, as they don't allow double underscores--in case there is a Mass Exodus over there soon. I like to be prepared, you know; I'm even testing the waters by cross-posting for the first time in ages. (I suppose I'll be doing that every time now. Peculiar. Two different swimming spots.)

I'm getting that peculiar desire to go study and memorise the names of all verb tenses (for I feel I really should remember) and that usually means it's time for me to go to bed, stat.

I love you lot. I don't often say it--the term 'love' was very uncomfortable for me through most of my teenage years--but I mean it. I believe in Orlando I put it something like, "I have the urge to hug everyone. I blame all of you for making me like you so much."

I've just been overwhelmed today by the feelings of how much I appreciate and cherish all of you. I'll admit, not the worst feelings to have throughout a day. (: Let's hope they last and help me trot off to sleep! Love to all of you, however close or far you are from sleep. ♥

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I have a problem. A reccing problem. My problem is that I save the recs in my memories and then I, uh, never post them.

This will be a huuuge rec post so that I can hopefully get on track with posting recs. I have some for this year's minerva_fest but I do like to post them at the end of a fest, whenever I do get around to it successfully.

(This is prompted by the fact that I at last got through everything from the Minfest from two years ago. Failsauce, I have plenty.)

Let's start with hp_friendship since that's from 2012 at least. :B

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Looks as though that's actually all I have time for at the moment. Have to get dressed up as a bit of a bluestocking and prepare to be a 'tour guide' through the Haunted Woods walk we're doing behind my congregation this evening as part of the all-ages Halloween Party. I get to get kidnapped for a bit during the tour, or that's the current plan, so I'm excited. I may skip the sensible bluestocking shoes and stick with the sturdy Docs, though...surely an intelligent woman would know enough to go with truly sturdy shoes when facing a Haunted Forest.

Also have to stop feeling so lazy. I'll be working with kidlings this evening; time to bun up my hair.

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