October 25th, 2012

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Did it! Finally caught up with minerva_fest!

As I was doing that, cleaning and packing things away and television... I'll start with the TV, since I was very impressed.

I found and caught up on the new series Emily Owens, M.D. to find quickly into the series that there was an out (pretty-well-adjusted) lesbian WOC character (with natural hair! ♥) to be BBFs with the main character! While I'm always looking for more lesbianism in shows (anyone shocked? anyone?), I'm always particularly looking for more diverse lesbianism that represents the broader community.

Also watched Underemployed, but the stuff I'll mention didn't happen quickly on and should be considered spoilers (in case anyone wants to watch), so I'll put that under Collapse )

So I've been pretty darn happy with the new shows I decided to check out. I'm always hoping for the television I watch to be less white and heteronormative, so getting to see that play out is fantastic. And the reason I mention natural hair thing is because I support the movement. I don't talk about it as well as some people do, but I've talked with one of the teenagers in my congregations (who is Black--and that's the term she uses) about it and heard about how she feels pressured into chemically straightening her hair, which she's been doing for years now. She told me she didn't before and that she liked it, but now that she's a teenage cheerleader in high school she feels to have hair "more like everyone else". And wishes her nose were thinner, and all this stuff...and I just hate that, because she's beautiful and I wish society at large could see the beauty in those traits rather than making her feel the need to change them. So I guess it comes down to being part of the diversity that I like seeing--acknowledgement of the human form and lifestyles within a positive light. It's important.

So when I see it, I get happy.

The rest of my day didn't feel happy--I got a bit weepy, which is surprising, but I had my dog--and soon I'll be throwing my bags into the car and heading to Providence with another big load. The rest of my clothes. Soon it'll be my desktop computer and my bicycle, and that'll be that.

So that's me, checked in!

(I'm sorry if I don't sound PC or respectful anywhere here; I do try to, and I know they can be delicate issues. I'm trying to educate myself as to the terminology--with everything, really, because I always want my language to be as inclusive as it can be.)