October 23rd, 2012

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I was a rage!Kiwi yesterday but it seems to have helped my productivity levels. I was not at all impressed with the "professional" packing job of the woman at one of the postal stores or the price of packing peanuts, so today I just purchased the boxes and packaged everything myself with folded-up bubble wrap (not too concerned, since the collectibles are in foam boxes). It also means that the time I spent dealing with collectibles in Orlando was well spent as I sold almost $120 worth of them in the end (most of which goes to him).

The autumn foliage has been great for my state of mind. I keep wanting to get a video of it but I always forget.

Some spam thing is going around as if it were from me (with my name as the sender) but from some made up yahoo email address, and of course with a link. So that's annoying but there isn't actually anything I can *do* since I wasn't actually hacked in any of my accounts. Frustrating.

Also, as I was walking down the stairs (from convincing my father that what he really wants for dinner tonight is Indian ;D ) the phone started ringing. We have one of those systems that attempts to tell us who's calling but actually sodding up the name so much it's difficult to tell. Well this time, I listened and thought, "Did it just say Big Brother?" Got to a phone, looked down, and there it was: Big Brother was calling my house. (My mother's older brother is not down as that, for the record; it wasn't him.)

So there you go. Big Brother is watching me.

Back to my break after a busy and productive morning!