October 17th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Got home last night. On the way back I was told there was no food in the house so I ended up with some Burger King. Da turned the debate on as Romney was "answering" a question and I said, "Awwr, Da, I'm trying to eat!" (But of course I was morbidly curious.)

Anyway, it led me to think that I surely wasn't Over the Rainbow any more, but back in Kansas... :B

Now I've slept for 12 hours (10.30 to 10.25, holy smokes) and have awoken to my beautiful, colourful North again, so I'm no longer confused by the lack of deciduous.

I also found this link, which is an interesting look at the details of the Romney-Ryan tax plan. It's really very funny, clever, and academic. (Click the link for a laugh.)

Back to real life with me. I spent my hours in the airport yesterday emailing myself job listings from different job sites. Thought I'd just jump right in.