October 15th, 2012

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I'm here alone at Crone Manor for the moment; redbeargrl and lash_larue have headed out to drop zofbadfaith with a friend and explore. I was getting things done and decided to stay back in this matured Gryffindor common room.

Perhaps it has given me some extra courage in the end, for I just managed to post that Minerva/Amelia poem of mine on a few different communities. I haven't managed to post my own writing to a community (non-fest) since my last year of high school, either 2007 or 2008.

It's just a poem, but I got it up, and hopefully it will open the gate to post some other writing instead of just letting it go up for fests and never offering it to others to read.

Bear and Lash are back now. (: I'm still working on an assortment of stuff--yes, perhaps to keep my mind off queen_of_snapes, therealsnape, albalark, Miss M, and twisted_knicker being gone.

I hope you all are keeping well, and that for those travelling, you return home safely. ♥
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I managed to get quite a bit done today so I rewarded myself by having my candy apple back by the pool. (It was an "apple pie apple", with a layer of caramel, white chocolate, and some sugar/cinnamon. As therealsnape and I agreed, at least it had the apple inside, and thus had some redeeming value despite the ridiculous calorie value of the treat. But I'm on my last day of my holiday, dag nabbit, and I didn't let myself pig out on any other desserts throughout the week. An apple a day keeps the doctor away...)

lash_larue found a pair of Miss M's socks out by the pool. When she came inside, conversation turned to my not fitting them, and I immediately sensed a challenge to be accepted. I slipped into the little sock like Cinderella slipping into the glass slipper (but less straight and dressed up). She's the size I was in 8th grade and I'm not much taller now, so I'm not the least bit surprised that they fit. I'm now sliding around the house in Miss M's socks.

Lash and redbeargrl just left for dinner (I'm going to eat leftovers; it's bred into me) so I'm back in Crone Manor with just the Minerva hat keeping me company. I'm toying with the little wooden clog key-chains therealsnape brought (as proof that "we survived living in a house with a Dutchman") and making them kiss. Shoeslash.

I wonder what sorts of things I should get up to... (I really do need to get an "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" icon one of these days.)

Guy just rang the doorbell to see if we wanted a big collection of steak and shrimp as part of a promo. Er, no thanks. We're off tomorrow and we have quite enough food as it, thank you!
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Oh, oh! I've finally come to a firm understanding as to why my writing is so sub-par!

It's because I've been using the wrong pens.

See, check out all the excellent reviews for the BIC "For Her" Pens and you'll instantly understand all my writing woes: I don't have one. I've been writing with man pens--dreadful!

My writing has suffered due to how many years I've spent callousing my hand on bulky, ill-fitting pens and staring at depressingly dull blue or black ink. What I need is something dainty, pastel, and marketed expressly for my expected gender roles and pronouns right on the cover. I've been going about this all wrong my whole life, just because my mother didn't know to teach me differently! But don't worry, I wouldn't bruise my femininity by falling into anger or resentment: I merely feel such pity that my poor mother has spent a lifetime being ruined at the hands of man-pens.

Here, Ellen DeGeneres can tell you more and really sell you on the product:

(Those Amazon reviews are actually a riot, though. You don't have to be concerned about whether I've gone off the deep end, either; I'm hardly above my normal vexation at the marketing world but wanted an excuse to be snarky. (; )

I promised Lash and Bear that I would work on the leftovers. Well, there's leftover alcohol. It's after 6. I'm gonna go get a drink. ;D