October 8th, 2012

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Rock Bottom was Saturday night (nooot going there :D). But bouncing back, methinks.

Sunday was church. Stayed in the meetinghouse after church to read; my minister caught me and asked what I was doing. "Reading and breathing," I responded without thinking. Then, "My mind is kinder when I'm here." Realised just how true that was--and kinder to myself, I mean. Good place to sit and recover from Rock Bottom for a while.

Have been housesitting and petsitting for four dogs and four cats. I am so relieved I have a later-morning flight tomorrow, because if I had to wake up before six in the morning again I think my head would just fall off and then explode. (I never even woke up that early for school, except when I learned from a friend that she spent 1.5 hours getting read every morning and I decided to try it. That didn't last long; I decided I was pleased enough to do my makeup on the bus, and with as much black eyeliner as we wore back in those days, I didn't much need the precision, did I?) Two of the nights I went to sleep at 9 and 11pm -- and you all know me! -- and was still exhausted the next day. Bungie, the dog with dementia who is constantly on the hunt for food whenever he's awake (and no longer has much of a personality beyond that and getting in trouble for his quest, unfortunately) is incredibly difficult. Another dog I had to feed his dry breakfast about six kernels at a time.

Checked in for my flight. Checked in incorrectly the first time--completely forgot to change my check-in-luggage number to "1" (which is silly since it's one of the reasons I go with jetblue, with the first check-in bag free)--called, had my check-in reset, and did it again. Let that please be the only botch up of this travelling event! It should thus preclude any failure on my part to remember something important as well as any mishaps with getting to the flight in good (non-frustrating) time and the plane getting to Orlando in the same vein. Thank you kindly.

I have a lot to do today and there's another party tonight in Providence (so many birthdays!). At least my parents came down with me yesterday so my dresser is up in my room and the terribly-built bookcase has been removed so my room can look a liiiittle bit bigger. (And props for trying to whoever built it, but I'm not sure that person even took high school carpentry/wood-working classes... That was a sodding devil to take apart, even with an electric screwdriver!) Means I can pack away a bag of dresser-clothes for the trip while I'm here, bring the rest to Providence, and take whatever closet-clothes I want for the trip (have I mentioned how awesome it is having half my stuff in each place? Ready for that to be over). Gotta get some more sunscreen and take pictures of some collectibles I can list when I'm in Orlando, too. And tidy. Pack up non-cloth items. More that I'll have to list soon so I remember them.

For now, though, a breather. I'm knackered.