October 4th, 2012

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I have finally read all of hp_friendship and it only took me...way too long. Yay fic escapism? My fic bookmarks are elsewhere so I have to remember the next fest I need to finish reading. Uh...I think it may be minerva_fest from the last time it ran. Why do people even let me in fests again? You're crazy, the lot of you.

I'm also glad my Bad Things haven't turned out to be terrible.

    The Things:
  • My grandmother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is a relief; it was one of those "something more normal" things I hoped it would be when I mentioned it before.
  • She's still overnight in hospital as doctor's plan to do an echocardiogram just to check how all the blood is flowing (her heart seems fine at the moment, but she did have some sort of heart surgery years back [I forget which] so it's good to check).
  • As I guessed-and-hoped again (two for two, Kiwi; why didn't you look into medicine? :P), my dog has a tooth abscess. Tomorrow he's going in for another dental clean (although they said his teeth did look clean, score!), abscess draining, quite possibly tooth extraction, nail clipping (thank goodness; he hates it), and some other random small stuff. The fact that it costs money is bad news, but the fact that it doesn't cost buttloads of money and is a one-time fix for something that isn't extreme is very good. We got some antibiotics and as of tomorrow we'll be all set.
  • Also, completely unrelated, the young vet I've never met is incredibly cute and loves pugs, so that was fun. She said he looked very good for an old pug; with the pride I felt, she could have been complimenting me instead.
  • Things haven't particularly changed with my Da, but he seems to be in pretty good spirits about it and still has his Zen confidence about it all, so I won't add to the worry that my mother is already so skilled with on her own.

So, still behind on the moving, especially since I'll need parental help to get my dresser up the two flights of stairs in Providence and thus have to wait for help. Today was Mum's day off but, obviously, she had to spend much of it with Grammie. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can manage to at least get one load of (non-dresser) stuff there in-between dropping Mugz off and later picking up my loopy puppy.

I also wish, more randomly, that I weren't the sort of person to get spooked by things and put them off. It would make my life a lot easier. I guess I've got to make the resolution to be the person who doesn't do that and sticks to it.
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Insomnia or nocturnalism or worry or combination or whatever it is that keeps me awake when I am frightened of something in the world or in my life, you suck.

I mean, I'm happy to be filling the time with Minerva!fic, but it'd really be nice to just go sleep before 5.50 in the morning, when I am hearing cars starting outside as people head off to work.

I would love, right now, to have a nice hot-warm bath with some scents and candlelight and some soft music. If I recall correctly, the last time I tried for that it didn't work so well.

Alas, now is not the time. Soon I'll be taking Mugz to the vet. Then perhaps I'll try for a nap (sometimes I'm more able to catch some sleep during the day), a trip to the bank, and a solo trip to Providence before Mugz needs me again. Would try for a relaxing bath tonight, but it's the birthday party of one of my housemates so I'll be heading back to Providence--potentially with my parents in the other car so we can get more stuff upstairs. Who knows.

I'm tempted to say "this is my life?" but I'm not that surprised. Sometimes I feel so confident and capable, sometimes I don't; sometimes I'm able to fake it (or fake it 'til I make it), but sometimes I just...can't. I'll keep my To Do List around me and see what happens. Maybe another fake conversation with a fictional character will motivate me. Again, who knows.

(I don't even know what this post is. I probably shouldn't post it. Posting it under these conditions is like drunk posting, I think, which I have a rule against. Hmm...oh well. *Posts to cranky__crocus*)
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Housemate Casey came into my room and we talked about Life Stuff, so I missed the actual date. I'll just pretend I've got my Handy-Dandy Time-Turner to go back a bit, in the name of an old tradition.

Happy Birthday, Minerva McGonagall. In your name, I'm saluting the hat up at the top of my bookshelf. Thank you for changing my life for the better and allowing me to meet all these wise, witty, whimsical, wonderful people that I wouldn't have met in your absense. You and they have enriched my life beyond imagining; there is no better coven to have. Happy Anniversary of Entrance into the World and Made It Around the Sun Again Day! A toast to you.

I'm here in Providence, in my cupboard over the stairs. The new mirror that hangs on the door allows me to see all of myself and makes the room look bigger. One bottle-candle-stick-holder candle lights up the whole room to a readable level of light, which is a little adorable.

I can also hear the rain against the roof whenever it rains. It's one of my favourite sounds, so peaceful. I think it's one of the main reasons I always go for a top-floor room, since I really can't live anywhere without a goodly amount of rain in the end.

Party's still going on downstairs but I've been enjoying my room. Housemate Gregegg knows I'm here to support him anyway, even if I don't feel much up to partying (my face, body, and thoughts hurt). I'll head down soon for a little nibble and to say hello.