September 28th, 2012

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I realise I never really posted about the General Assembly. Here we go, off on another Kiwi adventure! I hope you’re prepared. This has…well, no real mystery, no real intrigue, and no fulfilled romance (on my part)—the plot’s a bit shaky, too, and I’m not always sure on the characterisation. Goodness, why do you read my journal? Oh, well, there is nudity, it’s just not sexual…er, on my part. Really, though, if read like a story this might be a little fun. Rated light R for mentions of others’ sexuality, of substances, and of conversations/themes.

Eh. Long entries help me remember. I like remembering. If I wrote my journal to be like someone else's journal...then it would be someone else's journal, and then what's the point!

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Too Long; Didn’t Read: I flew to Phoenix for General Assembly of my “covenant but not creed” religion. Had awkward timez for a while. Saw graduated seniors accepted by young adults, realised I’d never felt that, pushed myself to connect with my peers. Fun beer time on the roof. Full days of voting on stuff and learning. Getting jostled around before a huge (thousands of people) protest, but enjoying the protest all the same. More beer on the roof with good conversation. Late-night skinny-dipping in the hotel pool. Getting caught and buggering off like ants. Guilt and reprieve, relishing a good new story for my life. A day of goodbyes, another party, a bit of young adult drama, and off I went back to the East Coast!

Some links about the Tent City Protest:

From the UUA
A short video in the news
We, uh, got Fox News’ attention
Another short article with some new quotes
Some videos of the event, including the Singing Bus, but not me
Joe Arpaio’s response
Another short article
From a more UU point of view

So glad I get to use this icon in earnest now. Thank goodness I have a youthful, innocent face and am able to do the talking. Certainly glad I picked that up from me Mumster! :P
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I just compared Severus Snape to Holden Caulfield in my head.

On that note, I think it must be time for sleep. Busy weekend ahead.