September 24th, 2012

Rainbow || Mug.

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If one has no expectations for things to go as planned, can things really be described as "not going as expected"? I wonder. Either way, things did not go as planned, as I expected.

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I was then off to Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight shadow-cast performance, with my Platonic Life Partner in the main and most exciting role!

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Then it was time for Collapse )

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In the end I got home from everything and was too exhausted to go out for my errands; picking up my bike lock, organising the yard-sale books, and more Providence trips will have to wait for tomorrow. Instead I ate a bit, came upstairs, and crashed for a pretty long nap until Mum made it back from Maine and peeked into my room ("I wondered if you were gone but Muggzzey looked to happy, sorry for waking you up!").

I set up some bottle candles around my room and my Kindle is playing the Dar Williams station on Pandora. I'm still tempted to write 'my room' because it still looks so much like mine, but this room feels so peaceful now with the candles and the faerie lights and the soft music. With the dark outside and the warmth inside, it feels as though it could be any season; to me it feels like winter. I feel most peaceful in winter--perhaps I'm deciduous after all, really a "serene oak" in winter (my email is serenity.oak and has been since I was 15).

I forget sometimes to stop and make peace for myself, create a peaceful environment around myself and just let it sink in until I feel at peace. It feels as though I spend so much time searching for peace that I forget I can be my own for serenity, and that when I am I tend to be doing the same thing for serendipity.

Ah. Another long entry, I see, when I had planned to write "a few words before bed again". Thankfully I'm feeling too peaceful to care. (: I feel good and capable and beautiful inside--outside, too. I'm just going to soak it in for a while. I hope you all can create some peace for yourselves as well! ♥ Sweet dreams.