September 22nd, 2012

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So tomorrow my home base shifts. I'm sure I've bored you all to tears with that stuff above, given how often I'm sure you've heard it from ex-students, family, friends... The story of the twenty-something really leaving the nest for the first time, rather than just for college (when home-base is often at heart still the family home, the place where the young come back to rest as they're learning to fly on their own). New nest time for me. But I'm Kiwi, the gay magpie (in loving rainbow and shiny stuff): I do the 'nesting' thing well. So I'll do it again to a more extreme degree.

Today a published writer friend of mine came up to me and told me that she wrote a play over the summer about three women, two older women and one 23-year-old, and that she's planning to do a reading of it at FUSF for practise; she insisted that I come and read the part for the younger woman when it happens. Her partner later put it in words similar to "she wrote a part about you!" and I thought he was joking, but a look at his face after I responded made me think he was joking less than I had thought. Anyway, all of that came to mind because I feel as though, scary as this is with moving to a new place and diving into the rat race, I'm stepping into those 23-year-old shoes. Hopefully into the sort of younger woman two hilarious, wonderful, wise older ladies would want to hang around with. I can cross my fingers.

Anyway. I love you, my dear old room. Thank you for being my sanctuary for 15 years. You'll still be seeing me more often than you'd probably like, but it's time for me to be moving along. When I think of the child and youth and young adult selves within me, you'll always be the home that comes to mind.

And that's the goodbye I've been thinking about all summer as I've been cherishing my time living with my whole family under the same roof, all of us considering the same place 'home base'. I'm off to base myself somewhere else; Dweeb is back off to college and when he returns he'll be looking to base himself somewhere new with his best friend C-Mace; my parents are empty-nesters again. Ah, the feelings involved in the various acts of Growing Up.