September 20th, 2012

TV || Xena || Femslash.

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A few recs, I think; I have some open tabs. Let's see what comes out.

Lavender's Portrait by kwhelan. Work-safe and lovely. I've developed quite a fondness for Lavender lately.

Ginny and Luna which is on a page with NSFW slash images but this one is more work safe, although not fully clothed (I don't know what's safe at your work). I'm not usually very fond of Potter-aged!girl art, but I quite like this one. I love Ginny's hungry and passionate expression compared to Luna's more tender one, and the fact that Ginny is the one more outwardly prepared for sex (and experienced, I'd say, if garters can mean anything) while Luna is still clothed but clearly interested in the exploration--and doing well with Ginny's clothes, so experienced in her own Luna way. The eyebrows, the wonderful waves, the half-pony-tail hairclip, Ginny's hand at Luna's neck, Ginny's flyaway hair... it's all quite nice and soft; I love the sketchy nature with the stronger lines too.

Ah, just two for now. Looks as though the rest of the tabs are stories that I should read or listen to before I can rec them. (:

I'm also watching Downton Abbey at the moment. Hurrah.