September 18th, 2012

Women || Rachel and Dorothy.

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I'm up in the cabin in Maine with my family--Mum, Da, Dweeb, Unk (my uncle). We came up last night, we're here for today, and we're leaving sometime tomorrow; it's a very short trip. What with the new dormers, it's less of a cabin in the woods and more of a castle in the woods, too! (Still small-ish, but at least now there'll be two floors instead of one and a half.)

This may shock some or all of you, but today I was up at 9am. On a vacation. After a pretty crummy night's sleep of tossing and turning through the night. (And, true, I was woken because the family had to start work up on the second floor and I had to call my chiropractor to reschedule my appointment.)

But why am I happy about it?

Because I came downstairs and researched Rachel Carson's summer home; I am an hour and a half away from it. Unlike her Pennsylvania and Maryland homes, which now host public events and (I think both) have organisations caring for them, her famous Maine home is more secretive. It's very public knowledge that the home is on Southport Island, which isn't too big, and quite public knowledge that she could see the mouth of the Sheepscot River, which puts her on the west and probably northern part (by common sense).

Today I searched around every search term I could think. In the end I found a question by a person taking a vacation nearby to hike, and wondered if anyone could also give the location of Rachel Carson's old summer home. Most answers ignored that part of the question or could only say "no idea" (with one "good luck!"). The last real answer mentioned that she was on Dogfish Head, which is smaller still. I started searching Dogfish Head and found that she has a house near the Hendricks Head Lighthouse, which is a bit farther south than Dogfish Head, but in Google books that I searched it seemed to imply that Dorothy Freeman (her best friend/soul mate/subtextual friend) was the one with a cottage firly on Dogfish Head, but that Rachel had to walk through the woods to get to the "Head" (and ultimately to Dorothy).

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So now I have an approximation. It was also mentioned in that first comment--about Dogfish Head--that the whole of Southport is small enough that most residents would likely know and be willing to point out. And on the way I'd pass the Southport General Store, so... I'd at least have to pop in there. (: It's not as though I'm going to go tromp up to the house; it'd just be nice to know which, and perhaps see if there's any public land to explore. But to just be in the area...that would be wonderful. I can't believe I just have to follow 27 and get through Augusta to be there!

I also learned, from that same book, that Rachel Carson named her summer home "Silverledges". I approve.

That has been my morning researh. Another Rachel Carson post. You know, just in case I don't ramble about her enough. I'm not going to visit today since this is our only full day here, but perhaps next year.

(I also really need to get that book. And have a 'Rachel Carson' collection. On 27 September it's the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring's publication! And apparently Nellie McKay dyed her hair brown and started showing her one-woman musical-comedy tribute a few months back. I love the world today.)