September 10th, 2012

Kiwi || Nalocia with ukulele.

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  • Caught up on LJ for the first time in ages yaaaaay.
  • Bathroom is not clean. Booo, bathroom, clean yourself.
  • Have been watching YouTube hair videos again. Uhoh. YouTube has neat videos for way too many things.
  • I HAD NO IDEA THAT "SOCK CURLS" EXISTED. This is awesome for Reasons:
    • Not using heat for curls is great for hair.
    • The Sock Monster likes to steal socks from poor, laundry-doing people. The Sock Monster wickedly enjoys breaking up pairs of socks. This mystery has not been solved.
    • Sock Curls takes advantage of these poor, broken-hearted socks by putting them to good use and allowing them to socialise in one's hair--perhaps even over night! (Oooh la la, socks playing footsie. I'm such a weirdo.)
    • When one wears the socks for sock curls, one looks a bit like the Sock Monster oneself. That's a pretty impressive feat.
    • They look awesome.

  • Also learned about some other neat ways to curl/wave/crimp other than the regular English braid/French braid/Dutch braid down the bag or in pigtails: snake braids (not super fond since they involve going against-the-grain of hair, like less-intensive teasing); t-shirt curls (using strips of cut up t-shirt--perk of looking pretty punky during the wait time); baby wipe curls (similar but using rolled up baby wipes instead), pen/pencil/marker curls (which are adorable). Straightening my hair would require heat anyway, so if I can not use heat and just accentuate the natural desires of my hair...that'd be great. :D Especially if it doesn't take me ages since I'm lazy.
  • I've wanted to try things to get my curls looking more consistent, especially since it otherwise takes my hair up to 24 hours to dry in the post-shower braid and if I unbraid before it's completely dry I end up like a poofball Hermione.
  • I am jealous of any and all of you who have hair that does not frizz.

    That is all. This evening I've been a hair girly-girl and also eaten frozen graps with chocolate or Nutella, all of which is happy-making. Tomorrow I'm doing the horses again, probably the bathrooms, and if my brother is up to it I'll be helping him with the gutters (holding the ladders).

    Bed time! :D