September 6th, 2012

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I lied. There's more from me, as I've realised. But that last entry was short so I feel NO GUILT (mwuahahaha?). Oh, drat, Dweeb has a friend over; lemme go put on pants.

  • Had to rescue pants from The Pug, who decided the best thing to do was to roll around on them and huffle (he's a Hufflepuff). Threw his bone to distract him and accidentally threw it straight into Dweeb's room, distracting him and his friend. Good thing I had time to put the pants on. (His friend said, "I thought you might have thrown something, but I didn't want to accuse you of anything." "Oh, always accuse me of mischief; I've usually done it.")

  • Had a moment of "D'awr, I'm going to miss living across the corridor from my little brother" but then I walked into the loo and had to fix the loo roll after it jumped off the wall and brutally attacked me. I realised, as I put it back up the way my mother likes it and I detest it, that at the end of the month when I'm Really In The Providence House, I get to have toilet paper with the tail UNDER the roll. So these things are a balance of pros and cons. I’m not sure if “not living with my brother” and “get to keep the loo roll the way I like it” should have equal footing, but in that moment they did.

  • I have a petsitting job pet-sitting 8 animals (4 dogs, 4 cats) over 3 nights in October (not long before the Fandom Funhouse times), which is wonderful because a) I love the critters; b) I love the two women; and c) they pay me waaaaay too much to sit around with awesome animals.

  • I've been brewing too many potions on Pottermore. Now my laptop (Aspen) is thankfully glitching enough that I can't, so I am temporarily free of my obsession. I actually have index cards (two per potion) with the written instructions on them so I don't have to take the time to look at the scroll for directions. Apparently I'm a swot in fake!school, too... But Snape wouldn't like me 'cause I realised, with my glitching and lagging laptop, that placing things properly took too much time; instead I just throw them across the screen and let them smoke or glob or whatever. What a mess. Potions would be much easier in real life, with two hands.

  • SPEAKING OF HARRY POTTER (as I often am), MY PODFIC WENT UP! I only noticed, like, less than an hour ago haha. But it means that I successfully participated in a fest without my good fandom friend (♥ featherxquill) knowing that I had chosen her story. Even when we discussed the fest and how to use the software we were both using. I'm tempted to get into Podfic'ing more, but I'm not going to allow myself until more of my fandom writing is online and reposted—and when I’ve got my act together with participating fully in fests again. Anyway, the story itself is an awesome story, so feel free to listen just for that! My voice is a strange hybridisation because I am a transatlantic mermaid.

  • I was Sorted. Kinda.

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Potterhead alert, Potterhead alert...

Not that anyone's allowed to judge me for how my Post-Potter Depression shows itself when I've been a Potterhead for more than half my life. :B 64% of my life I've been a Potterhead!

And to think that if unicorns had been on the creatures list, I may well have been in Sparklypoo.
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Oh, post-midnight realisations, abusing Livejournal, and rec'ing.

More serious: I totally prefer to be underestimated and fly under the radar at first.

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Do any of you find that you prefer to enter into a situation 1) underestimated, 2) with no preformed expectations of your ability or personality whatsoever, whenever possible (you could also group 1 and 2 together), or 3) with people having formed some sort of platform that you're (usually) confident you'll meet? (House for HP, schools attended, marks achieved, career background, word-of-mouth recommendations or references, general positive gossip, etc.)

Less Serious: What kind of a respectable Ravenclaw would have a pug?

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Highly Serious: I have a rec for a Hufflepuff story!

It's called We Won't Go Down Without a Fight for hogwarts_houses. PG with Tonks, Hannah Abbott, Professor Sprout, and some other 'Puffs. On one level it's a unique narrative for Tonks--her adjustment to being a Hufflepuff--and on another level it's a very full moment before the Battle of Hogwarts (sad, compassionate, a little humourous, very powerful) and in the combination of feelings it is absolutely Hufflepuff. I loved these short moments for what they are in Tonks' life and what they indicate in the nature of Hufflepuff as a House/common room/family. I loved this Professor Sprout, too, which always makes me happy in fic. It's quick and well worth the read!

alskdflkjafd: I miss featherxquill.

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It's 4am, my pug wants me for sleep-snuggles, I have to do the horses again tomorrow and visit the post office, and I have clearly lost my mind; I'm going to finish one page of my flist, go to sleep, and hope my dreams are a successful quest to find my sanity. And here I was going to go to bed early. I blame my accidental nap earlier today, when I was so exhausted from shovelling rain-soaked horse dung that I passed out on my bed for a while.

Sweet dreams all! Sorry for another random LJ spurt--I do this from time to time.