August 27th, 2012

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Being ill has put my brain in such a strange place. I've managed to get some things done today, but they've taken on average 10x longer than they would have normally and been far more miserable. I make a lot of croaking, clacking sounds followed by pathetic noises; I also sneeze and have those terrible fail-to-sneeze moments frequently. (It's a little bit funny, actually. I sing strange upbeat songs about hating everything and being ill.)

My brain keeps cycling through the same odd things:

"I'll never be Minerva Minerva Minerva, never be Minerva, no I won't." (To a tune.)

"Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid." (Mary Poppins, anyone? Clearly also to a tune.)

"I should be an Edwardian lady. When does that make me from again? From the time of good coats. After Victorian, before the War! After Victorian, before the War! I'm an Edwardian lady. I am not the Titanic." (I blame this one on my Mary Poppins thoughts and the fact that I'm veeeeery slooooowly watching the 1958 version of Maedchen in Uniform.) Then it usually cycles back to not being Minerva--'tis a bit of a sad thought, honestly.

But I'll get my Grubbly-Sproutly self and head full of strange thoughts off to bed so I can continue this Kiki's Deliver Service life again tomorrow (er, today).
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This may not make sense to many of you but I have to post it because fandom feelings. ("Spoilers!" calls River Kiwi. Really, spoilers. You've been warned.)

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That is all for now. I am the most mature, well-spoken person one can ever have in a fandom. Truth.

Back to Maedchen in Uniform for as long as I can stay alert and conscious. After that it's some bedrest with Reunion (novella by Fred Ulman; Tetley's rec) until I can be alert and conscious again.