August 17th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I just realised that no one has seen me with a tan for ten years--and that 'no one' includes me. I've never been so tempted to start going out for some skyclad suntanning (when I'm still in MA, and yes, of course with SPF). Just to see what I look like. And if it's possible.

Completely unrelated, my housemate Casey and I were talking about dreams and how lately she's had random lesbian dreams (she's a pretty-straight woman in a long-term relationship with a man). Well, the night before last I had a dream full of lesbian smut everywhere; I couldn't even keep track of it. But the oddest part was that I'm pretty sure at one point when I was on a plane, I got with Hillary Clinton (when she was a bit younger) and that she was around in the dream more than that, too. (I blame Betty Dodson for this new fantasy.)

Uh...brain? Are you telling me to get into politics more? Or lay off them? Or you secretly have a thing for blondes with power? Or we should join the mile-high club someday?

At least it was Palin. Thank goodness for small mercies. (And brain, don't you start, just because I've made the association: I'm not helping you here.)

ETA: I will not fix the missing 'not' but I will say that my attention has been drawn to it. :P