August 11th, 2012

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I have three unrelated things. I have had little sleep (not for lack of trying) but I will try to get this foggy-headed brain to jot them down.

(Oh gods, the dog just passed gas and it's one of the worst I've been around. Help, help, it's a terrible cloud! Alright, breathing through a blanket and typing one-handed now. This is even more completely unrelated to the Three Things.)

    1) I have found the most recent copy of my resume!

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    2) My new household has officially gone clothing-optional.

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    3) I finished the Order of Service for my summer service tomorrow.

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Talking about a clothing-optional household and then a church service--yup, that'd be my life. But the service is on sexuality. Hopefully it'll go well!

I also just got five kidsitting dates totalling about 15 hours (yay!) and two dates for transporting a teen. Plus my first real collectible auction ends tomorrow night and it has 8 people who have "watched" it, so hopefully I'll get a bid and be able to send that off on Monday. I'm going to start working on getting some of the Halloween collectibles up now, I think.

That's me, all checked in for the moment! (I did not type all of that one-handed. Eventually the terrible cloud dispersed.)