August 9th, 2012

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This is one of the rare Kiwi-is-judgmental posts.

One of the things that annoys me to no end is people who have a "childish" act as their main "act" (way of interacting with the world/people) or one that comes out often. Silly and cute is one thing--I am known for being both on occasion--but slipping into infantile habits like the high-pitched bordering-on-whiny voices, dropping down to minimal vocabulary, generally acting like a caricature of childhood... That shite tends to piss me off.

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I'm all for some silly fun and play, for some well-timed role-play, for theatrics and tomfoolery. As long as we remember our ages. I just like knowing that, when the time comes to it, I can trust that I will be speaking with a grown-up--a trust that I have, funnily enough, with many teenagers and actual children. When I don't get that feeling/trust around fellow adults who are capable and show promise at being able to do so, I get peeved. Especially when the moment arrives and I find I don't feel that I'm dealing with a grown-up at all.

Bed now. I've just been head-butted in the face by a sleepy cat. Some people sleep with the fishies...I sleep with the kitties.