August 4th, 2012

HP || Minerva || Time stood still.

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My 'solo date' became editing my minerva_fest story instead. So no drinky-drinks, but Minerva? I think I can deal with that date.

I hate that I'm afraid to like this story in case others don't like it. I really shouldn't be basing my appreciation of my own writing on that. If only I could suddenly stop. Oh well.

I do think I like it, at least a little, you know, just enough that I wouldn't feel silly if everyone hates it. It's not enough to diminish my fear of finding and having a beta, though; now I'll be procrastinating on that instead. (I already checked for a beta under the sofa. I didn't find one there, but I decided to stay anyway.)

Now it's time to sleep. I was supposed to have a big day ahead of me tomorrow but I realised it would be quite hard on me/my body and push me over into the 'too much' category, where I don't want to be, and so I actually listened to myself for once and will give it a miss. I feel bad since I gave the initial impression that I would be going...but it's really a bit too much for me.

Sweet dreams everyone! And in honour of Esther Day, which I've just missed, I love you all! (Check out the "Nerdfighters" and "Esther Day" online. We're all working to end Worldsuck by Not Forgetting To Be Awesome: DFTBA, Don't Forget To Be Awesome. Also, Don't Panic. You know the drill.)