August 3rd, 2012

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Today has been a Daria Day.

I am making myself a promise for tomorrow: productivity leading to a self-date with some vodka or limoncello or even tequila, some music, some dancing, and some whatever-the-frook-I-want. Just treat myself to a nice stay-at-home date after some serious getting things done and checking things off. And if it rains, I get to dance in it. Oh, it's going to be a full moon--the best! Perhaps out for some good, old-fashioned staring up at the sky. Even if it's raining.

It'll be in preparation for a weekend that should be a solo hangout, a group queer hangout in Boston, and a carpool trip to Rowe for visitor's day. I also need to get one eBay item up for auction by Sunday, which means having it basically done tomorrow and scheduled to post on Sunday. I am a nervous newt about it with some serious depressed river mussel tendencies. Unfortunately I can't bury myself in river sands so I'll just have to go deal with it--and then, in the spirit of Daria, have some pizza.

Do I have anything else to say? Hmm. Ugh humidity, ugh 90-degree weather, and I spent too much of today reading one webcomic today. Heat is a serious whinge factor for me!

I'm going to go flop on my bed and try to get some of the non-computer stuff done for a head-start.