July 28th, 2012

Dar Williams || Magic's in the Learning.

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I don't know how it is that I seems to forget how much I love Patty Larkin music until I'm cleaning (my altar, this time).

I really need to get her album 25, given all her guests! Shawn Colvin! Dar Williams! Suzanne Vega! Erin McKeown! Janis Ian! Lucy Kaplansky! Cheryl Wheeler! Catie Curtis! (And some of my favourite songs with my favourite people, like with "Italian Shoes". It is also moments like these when I realise how skewed my musical library is to female artists...)

And for one of my top cleaning songs (or for when I'm freaking out about life and need to Dance It Out, pronto):

In other news, I found my old hip (when I got my hip replaced I kept the old one for 'religious reasons') and got distracted by the fact that there was clearly still metal in it, though I thought it had all been removed in a surgery sophomore year of high school. I also found out I still have the initial screw from when I was 14 and had to get the fracture fixed! That made me giggle.

'cause, you know, I've been screwed.
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