July 27th, 2012

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Ahahaha interactions with my brother make my world go 'round.

[Kiwi heads downstairs to see if her brother is hungry; he is nowhere to be found. Nor is he in his bed, which would be an unlikely place for him at midnight anyway.]
Kiwi: [Calls Dweeb, who picks up immediately and to Kiwi's great surprise; she immediately guesses he is out getting food.] "Hey Dweeb, where did you run off to?"
Dweeb: [Sounds guilty and amused.] "I'm in the playroom."
K: "No you're not."
D: "I'm...in the bathroom."
K: "No you're not."
D: "I'm...on the back porch?" [Noise in the background, including Dweeb's best friend's voice.]
K: "No you're not, you twit. Where do you think I am? Where are you?"
D: "I'm in C-mace's car."
K: "Uhuh. Keep talking. Where?"
D: "In the...uh...driveway."
K: "Keep trying."
D: "Fine, you win, I'm at Taco Bell!" [Starts laughing.]
K: "Taco Bell! You bum, I came downstairs to ask if you were hungry and you didn't do the same!"
D: "I forgot! I didn't know if you'd be awake!"
K: "It's midnight--what else would I be?"
D: "Still, uh, sleeping?"
K: "Midnight is about the only time I am always awake. So where are you in line?"
D: "We just ordered, but we can order one more thing."
K: "Thanks. You know what I get?"
D: "Duh. See you soon."
K: "Thank you. See you soon."

Yes, I sometimes eat fast food--I make it multiple sittings and it's inexpensive that way. (My guilt daemons are gnawing at me since you all are so healthy and wholesome. :B I'll get there some day!) And I may seem ungrateful in this exchange, but that doesn't get at my guilt-gut since a) I always go around the house to ask who's hungry before I sort out an eating plan so everyone interested is included; b) my brother and I are buds; c) he's my little six-foot-tall Dweeb. He, his friends, and I all went on an epic journey the other night and during the summers we often hang out with each other's friends. We're two years apart and have similar interests (the Internet, women, geeky things) so it all works out. (I think most people with [a] sibling[s] act a bit differently around said relatives? At least

And these are also the sorts of interactions that keep him "Dweeb". He knew as soon as he saw my name on the receiving call that he should have told me he was going or called to let me know. :P I wouldn't have tagged along.

(Dweeb arrived with the food so I went down to eat and joke with his friends. C-mace, his best friend, said that as soon as he saw Dweeb pick up the phone he said, "Ask her what she wants" since they were still at the order station--but of course Dweeb goes into that long talk instead. Ahaha. This is why C-mace is not a dweeb, despite being a gamer.)

They're talking about Mass Effect 3. No, cannot be drawn into a big three-game series; I have fandom to do! (And, uh, that life thing. You know: that pesky thing that keeps getting in the way.)
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Peeved about NBC playing the Olympic Opening Ceremony three hours later than real-time, and the fact that I can't find anywhere else to reliably stream it. I caught just enough of a glimpse to be sad about what I'm missing real-time.

A good number of my Facebook friends are in England and watching it as it happens, and utilising social media to talk about it, so I feel sad and left out. =(

My mind is also going, "Kiwi, you know you thought about doing that final Master's year and being near London for the Olympics..."

In the end, thankfully I didn't. But still. I am a pouty-rage-faced Kiwi over this and was missing England dreadfully before this but only more-so now.

Back to organising my possessions and reminiscing and being nostalgic.

ETA: I'm sure they have their Reasons and I'm sure their Reasons involve Money and I'm sure I could easily look up their Reasons but that I probably wouldn't be happy with them. I just wish there was one simple way provided to give Americans the option to watch it in real-time (and if there is such an option and I'm missing it, please point me in the right direction!).