July 26th, 2012

Women || Rachel and Dorothy.

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I was recently inspired, by a post tetleythesecond made, to look something up. (I'm sure that's the first time that's ever happened to any of us, with all the interesting and educational things she posts.)

I realised that I had never looked up Rachel Carson's final resting place. This is surprising given a) my favourite film is Harold & Maude and I've always had a morbid fascination with death (my mother's and English teacher's words); and b) I realised I'd always assumed she was cremated, based on nothing at all. Collapse )

ANYWAY! Geeze, Kiwi. I finally looked it up: Rockville, Maryland (not surprising, since Silver Spring was her home in Maryland when she died).

That puts it at about 4.5 hours from where my family vacations almost every year (down where we just were, by Virginia Beach). I would be totally willing to get up early and drive for the day to have a Rachel Carson road trip all by myself (I'll appreciate the alone-time) to visit her grave and one of the places she called home. And since my house here is about 4 hrs from one of her favourite places in the world (and our family cabin is closer, since it's Maine and we love Maine) I can hit that with a road-trip, too.

I'd want to do some research first to see if I could get in touch with anyone and convince them of my love for Rachel Carson and see if there was anything extra I could learn/see/experience while there... but seriously doable either way. (I think I would die if I ever managed to get in touch with the relative of Dorothy Freeman who has the letters, or some of the places with Rachel's hand-written things, and if those people let me look. Those are the things of which dreams are made.)

The site, Find a Grave, also had two pictures: one of Rachel's grave, and one picture of Rachel I hadn't yet seen and which is now my favourite. (About once a year I Google through all the Rachel Carson pictures, but of course Google misses many from smaller and more personal sites.) I'll put the pictures here.

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Hmm. Well, I don't know how many of you have made it through one of my Rachel-rambles before, but they happen every once in a while. I was introduced to her at 15 or 16 by one of my Environmental Studies teachers (she was one of only two female scientists on the list of environmental people I could do a paper on) and I haven't looked back since. She's my role-model in life and, really, in love (but in my times, not in hers). There's a reason my degree is in Ecology and Conservation.

(At least thinking about Rachel Carson helped me realise that, while my flisties may have big beautiful brains filled with endless education on the subjects they've been inspired to research, I have the potential and drive for the same someday even though I don't have such a brain now. I haven't had the years. The way I throw myself into learning everything I can about Rachel Carson [and a few other things] reminds me that I do the same, and that with the years, I will continue to do so with other topics [and probably women] that catch my interest. Someday I too will have a big beautiful brain filled with endless education of my own choosing. And, honestly, it feels amazing to read through all this stuff without having to write a paper for a grade--but knowing that I could write something up just for me. Perhaps, in the name of Rachel Carson, the next time I read an article on some topic in which I have some knowledge, and get that feeling of inspiration to research and write, I will do it; perhaps I'll even take a quick glance at publishing.)

The icon is Rachel and Dorothy.