July 19th, 2012

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You know what else is funny about vacation? Writing smut in a household of somewhere between nine and 13 people.

Kiwi: [Sitting on the sofa, typing away.]
M-my-friend: "Whatchya doin'?"
K: "Writing!" [Big smile.]
M-my-friend: "Oh! Can I read the story when it's done?"
K: [Glances to M's father, sitting in a chair about two feet away.] "Er...maybe the next one."
M: [Laughs.] "Gotchya."

A moment later, my father sat down next to me on the sofa. I altered my position to a cross-legged one and turned a bit, hoping that my screen was now not easily viewable to My Father or Father Red.

M: "Is that the smut?"
K: "Oh, no, this is food porn." [If you're friends with therealsnape, she had a picture up of the Indonesian food she and some of the coven ordered together. Rumour has it that it was a load fit to be wheeled in.]
B, the younger brother: [Looks.] "That's an orgy!"

This all makes me happy that we only have one person under 20 in the house most of the time, and that next year three of the other young adults will be of legal drinking age.

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This icon was definitely me for some of today.
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In completely unrelated news, I give up on the word "short" unless I am using it to describe myself.

Every time I think "I'll just write a short..." I end up with more than 5,000 words.

This time it's been "I'll just write a short smut-fic about [this]" and I am now at ~4,300 word with more to go.

I give up.

As I said to Feather, "I swear I'm a smutty, less-European, less-[educated], pants-at-history Tetley."

I apologise, Tetley, for giving even the slightest indication that my writing could be like your heavenly words. (Especially since, as was proven by a ship-ship-shurray cookie-unicorn, you actually have magical drabbly powers.)

So, because my characters are irking me, I wrote a quick poem Collapse )

I am shaking my head at myself. I need to practise smut-drabbles.

ETA: Well, actually, that's my usual problem. My current one is actually that *gasp* it's gone angsty! Which is usually not something I worry about happening in my fics...