July 17th, 2012

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For the first time since...maybe Hoggywartyxmas 2010? I'm actually keeping on top of/caught up with a fest: hp_friendship.

I'm excited! And I want to keep it up!

(If only every week was a beach vacation. I've also been very clear to correct any confused young adults in the household: I am reading general Harry Potter fan-fiction; I am writing smut.)

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You know what's funny? Drunk people on vacation.

(We have my family--brother Xanderdweeb [20], Mother Crocus, Da Crocus (or Faja Creature)--a family from down the street [one of Dweeb's best friends B {18}, his older sister and my friend M {20}, Father Red, and Mother Red], and a family who used to live Up North but now lives Down South [youngest daughter E {16}, middle daughter S {18}, oldest daughter and me-and-M's-friend K {20}, Father Hop, and Mother Hop]. Father Red and Father Hop have the same name, which begins with J.)

Mother Red: "I swear, whenever the J's get together, they lose like a thousand IQ points."
Kiwi: [Cracks up and can't help agreeing, given that Father Hop is more-than-a-bit of a fratboy, and he brings it out of Father Red.]

[Moments Later]
Father Red: "We're trying to get the Hops to stay for dinner tonight. And then tomorrow, to have Father Hop pick Mother Hop up from work as soon as she finishes so they can drive here by 7.30 and we can all play Sequence with some--some--" [drifts off]
Kiwi: "Alcohol? Or pleasant conversation? Or perhaps ultimately both?"
FR: "Did you say alcohol?"
K: "Yes, it was the first option."
FR: "Good, good...because that's always the 20-million-points answer. Alcohol."
K: "I thought it might be; that's why I put it first. I'll hold out for some pleasant conversation, too."
Mother Red: [Cracks up and falls over on the other sofa.]

This is the character I play in our little beach-house environment. Not one for the beach or the sun, nocturnal, not much for large amount of substances. Some things just bring out the snarky 15-year-old in me. (Plus, Father Red likes pulling that side out of me; it keeps him laughing.)

I think they were playing "corn hog" or something light that, which may involve throwing corn through a little hole? (Yes, let us shoot for more games that involve putting phallic objects in holes. :Þ)

Also, my brother is disconcertingly adept at beer pong. It also made me wonder how I made it through three years of university and managed to pick up my diploma without once playing it. And what ridiculous rules! How anyone manages to play that while getting consistently more inebriated is a complete mystery to me.

M, K, and I went out to a hookah bar the other night; it was my first time trying hookah (my favourite film is Harold & Maude; I try not to be too moral). It was fun, I suppose, and I enjoyed the time out at night. Can't say I'm particularly drawn to the act itself--and I got a bit of a headache with all the smoke. Trying at smoke rings was fun (I managed a few on occasion). Next time I think I'd go along but perhap snot go in for the actual hookah, beyond the few customarily-offered drags.