July 13th, 2012

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Don't you just love when you sit down and think "I'll just write down a few hundred words for this one comment-prompt fest" and, one accidental all-nighter later, you have 6,000 words of a finished fic?

...yeah me too.

*Headdesk headdesk headdesk.*

My mother walked in at something like half-past-six in the morning and said, "Oh Kiwi, why do you do this?" I essentially said that I had no choice: when a story comes, a story comes, and then it needs to be written down. Otherwise I just stay up tossing and turning, with my characters interacting and intermittently eyeing me as if to say, "Well? Aren't you going to go and write this down?"

Yes of course, my Mistresses; I am only your subservient scribe, here to write your tales at your beck and call, and certainly not to sleep.

Now it's gone seven in the morning and today I have to do errands, clean, wash my hair (it's a big task), pack, and do a number of other things before 'late' this evening (3am or so) when my family shall leave for Virginia Beach for vacation.

(The vacation during which I was supposed to write. And I will. More than I intend to, if each of my 'little claims' multiplies itself like this! *Headdesk again.)

Sweet dreams. I'm going to go pass out under the pile of clean laundry I was supposed to put away--and under the pug who thinks I crafted a clean-laundry-bed just for him.

ACK, SPIDER! Definitely going to bed now. Already conquered my fears and brought one spider outside today; this one I'll leave for tomorrow. (My life would be so much easier if I could just be the sort of person capable of killing a spider or a mosquito; I can only manage ticks, after they've munched on my dog.)
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Y'all should claim a prompt or two or more over here, at the 2012 Day of Femslash Challenge. If you claim something by tomorrow, you still have until the 21st to get it up and posted (and there's no min. length, so you don't have to push yourself past a drabble if you don't want to!).

Be sure to check out the dreamwidth page, too (linked on the website); there's a prompt about Amelia's monocle seeing through clothes... You don't want to miss that opportunity now, do you? I would love to see three fics of Amelia being a peeping tom, no-one else the wiser. :B

Even Xena and Gabrielle say you should write in the name of femslash!

(My errands are mostly done; have to head out with my brother to get the Prius cleaned for the trip. Cleaning and packing still needs to happen... I've got it mostly all packed in my head, at least, so my written and re-written mental lists should help there.)