June 20th, 2012

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I did not get time to catch up. Instead I got to move some of my stuff to Providence: now I have a mattress, a mirror, a little rug, a shelf of Harry Potter stuff (McGonagall hat, Hooch hat, pumpkin juice container, Ollivander box and wand, little Hedwig owl) plus a few other fandom things (Bajoran cuff earring, River Song sonic screw-driver), a mini-fridge, a picture of me and my Da at my high school graduation, and my children's reclining armchair). I also went through my high school agenda notebooks and realised-or-remembered that I was crazy (I had a frowny face next to a 97 and I cried over an 88).

Providence is great. I've been meeting some friends that others in the household have that are new to me. One of them, Kels, is writing a novel putting all the characters from the household (and some supporting roles from her life) into a police/detective/whatever story, and after meeting me twice decided that I was best suited to be a coroner with her boyfriend. I squeed so loud. I am Doctor Karlyanna “Karl” Cole, the coroner with a bit of a limp and who has her old hip, which has been made into the head of her cane. So I get to be a Kiwish Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles, anyone?). :D It makes me so unbelievably happy that I am in a community of people who get a creative idea and decide to just go with it. I love living with a group of quirky young artists, musicians, performers, whatever else...it's definitely the stuff memoirs are made of.

Today I went to Mister Sister again and finally met the owner (after meeting her dog, Razel, who is apparently Mayor of the Street). We spoke about vaginas (and how those attempting to legislate them refuse to use the term) and she said, "I love lesbians too," after seeing my little patch ("I ♥ Lesbians") so we chuckled over that. She saw that I was reading the Songs of Bilitis (I'm actually reading Aphrodite but will get to it) and said, "Wow, you're reading 'Songs of Bilitis', you really are a lesbian, aren't you?!" so we laughed more. (Laughing is one of my favourite things.) It felt great to get lesbian kudos from someone who has owned a queer-owned sex shop (erotic boutique) since the '80s, first in P-Town and now here; such kudos in life matter. She's this great, low-voiced, smoking, bull-dog-owning, short-hair-cropped, heart-laughing butch dyke and she's wonderful. And when I sarcastically said, "Oh, yes, people have decided I can't be a lesbian now--did you know that if your hair is longer than three inches, you surely can't be a lesbian?" she completely got where I was coming from and told me that she'd had long hair until her 40s and never allowed anyone to think it detracted from her butchness.

When I was looking at the porn collection with my friends (as we do), I was talking to Razel-the-bulldog and said, "Hello, Mayor, would you like to help me find some Nina Hartley? That would be useful: fetch me some Nina Hartley." Razel said, "Huff" and I gasped out, "No one merely huffs at Nina Hartley!" Razel wagged. Someone said something along the lines of, "Oh, of course you would, Kiwi" so I was forced to respond, "Of course I would indeed: I'm in love with Nina Hartley." I could tell Mister Sister had been listening when I heard her barking out her laughter and Razel went over to inspect. Alas, as I expected, Mister Sister doesn't need any part-time work since she's had the same people working for her for ages and they just refuse to leave! :D

I just wanted to jot down that adventure for me. Now I come to say that it's late (duh) and I procrastinated on packing (duh) and it was a bit too easy (uh-oh) so I'm worried I forgot something (probably), but either way I wanted to get something up before I headed to Phoenix for General Assembly of the crazy Unitarian Universalists. My stuff is packed, my hair is washed (it was so confused, after being washed just yesterday), my dog's face and mouth are clean (he was less confused and more grumbly, until he got a treat), and my bed is all made fresh. I don't have the clean room I'd like to leave behind but, hey, I'm in the middle of moving so I can't be too hard on myself...and at least my Providence room is clean, so that's half my rooms! :P

Also posting to say that I'm going to be a pretty shoddy LJ friend for a while, I think. With GA and more moving and job hunting and trying to settle down in this house of nine big personalities and with many big-personality visitors... I feel guilty posting when I know I can't catch up with my flist, but I'm going to try to do it since I like to go back and read posts later on, but don't feel you need to comment knowing I can't comment back at the moment!

Bed and book are calling so I can sleep soon and be a Travelling Kiwi once more. Also, I'm going to melt in Phoenix. Weather was not meant to get up into three digits, honestly... (Bad ecologist, bad ecologist, beep beep beep.)